I re-blog stuff occasionally. Don't expect anything, though. Sometimes I don't show up for months. I'm part of way to many fandoms, but mostly this is where I put things to find later. A lot of art and this tagged 'inspiration'. Shhhhh... I'm cool. I'm just gonna fill in some space with mindless blathering. Recently I've been watching way to much Buffy, and watching Spoopernatural every Monday. I have a TV watching plan. How dumb am I. Sometimes I play Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of nerds. Sometimes I obsess over Pokemon with a bunch of other nerds. Different flavours of nerds. Not the candy. The people. What even is the difference between Nerds and Geeks. Sydney, Australia. A.K.A The Dumbest Place Ever.
Whatcha' Thinkin' 'Bout?